Monday, 28 April 2008
First Aid Kit For A Family Vacation


A first aid kit is an absolute must when you’re a family on vacation. The kind of medication that you’re used to might not be easily available at your destination. Your hotel might offer you emergency supplies, but beware that those hefty taxes will be applied to your emergency essentials as well. You don’t want to be wandering about in a strange city in the middle of the night looking for stomach ache medication.

You can either buy a first aid kit that’s easily available, or create your own box by throwing in a few essentials. A large plastic box that’s easy to open will do. Use zip lock bags to compartmentalize pills, creams, ointments etc. so they are easy to find in an emergency. Remember to label each bag so a quick glance will tell you what’s inside.

Here are a few things that your first aid box should contain:

Sterile gauze

Adhesive bandage

Anti septic ointment

Anti histamine medication (These can be used not just for allergic skin rashes and colds, but also for coughs and as a mild sedative for your child. They tend to make kids drowsy so don’t give your child a spoonful just before you set off for sightseeing at the beginning of the day. A spoonful at night will give her a fitful sleep.

Moleskin. If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking during your trip, blisters on the feet are a definite possibility.

Mild pain reliever (Keep in mind that not all chemists will carry the same medication. Also remember to keep the prescriptions of all your kids’ medication. In case things go bad and you need to visit a doctor, knowing what medication he was on will help.

Diaper rash cream


Pair of scissors

Pain relieving gel or spray

Sun block

A mild antibiotic

Anti diarrhea medication

Anti nausea medication

Anti septic wipes

Disposable cold packs

Calamine lotions

Insect repellant



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