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Charming hotels in Germany


Charming hotels in Germany

If you are looking for a destination with a village feel, the Germany’s most popular destination Munich is an ideal choice. The capital city of the state of Bavaria, Munich after Berlin is the most visited destination in Germany. Its location near the German Alps has added to the popularity of the city in addition to offering something for everyone. Moreover, it is at an easy distance from many of the European destinations like Italy and Austria making it the hot base for exploring other European destinations. Munich is a city that has developed into a cosmopolitan city but still has the charm of a small town. This is the reason why the people of Germany find Munich an inviting place to live in.
Munich often called, as the ‘City with a heart’ is a wonderful place for a holiday, with its warm and friendly people. Home to the world famous Oktoberfest it has a lot to offer besides this fest. A sophisticated city Munich is a high tech city, exciting nightlife, beer gardens, parks, architecture, shopping and much more. Much similar to other cities Munich too started out as a small town and then grew to a big city. River Isar that flows through the city makes the place very green and beautiful. Munich is all year destination for the tourists, with a continental type of climate. It is very warm in summers and very cold in winters. Winter months are good time for a holiday amongst the snowcapped Alps, with number of winter activities to indulge in. The glacial lakes in the vicinity of the town make a great holiday point for visitors in summers. A charming city has equally charming hotels in Munich Germany, perfect for holidaymakers to the city.
The Oktoberfest beer festival is a major attraction of Munich being the world’s largest folk festival and beer festival. Besides this festival there are number of other festivals though not as famous. This festival takes place in the month of September after a traditional ceremony, with the first beer barrel personally tapped by the Lord Mayor. It lasts for 16 days with around six million people present. If attending the region during the festival make sure of making reservations for Munich Germany hotels, as many hotels would be running full. Hotels in Germany offer some of the best accommodation in the world and hotels in Munich Germany are no exception. A wide range of accommodation from economical budget hotels to the higher end luxury hotels is available easily. Expect some high standard of facilities and services in very warm hospitable atmosphere.
Munich though a big modern city has all the flavors of a small town and taking a walk around would delight you. Visitors here would find the quite green areas very pleasant where you can spend time without the feel of being bored. For touring the city a well-developed transport system exists. Start with a visit to the famous onion domes, a Gothic Church an important landmark of Munich. The there is the famous Hofbrahaus beer hall and the Olympic center. When coming to entertainment the city is far behind and one will come across numerous entertainment options. You will certainly find something as per your taste from cinema, discos, beer halls, theatres, pubs to clubs. Eat at the number of restaurants, readily available catering to all tastes and budget. Thinking of buying souvenirs or just simply shopping e place does not disappoint.

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