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Unusual Attractions To See On Your Holiday To Prague


Jessica Nielson
When you visit Prague, you can expect to see some unusual things, but you have not seen anything until you see the dancing house. To look at this place from the outside, you Praquewould be afraid to enter the building. It looks as if it is ready to fall down. It is amazing to see how someone's mind worked in such a way to make this building look like it is really dancing. The famous La Perle de Prague restaurant is located inside the dancing house on the top floor. The French cuisine is exquisite and the view of the city is beautiful.
Next, take a walk down Golden Lane where you will see eleven houses that act as museum types. There are little shops in some, textiles and armoury as well as other attractions. The street is from ancient times and the houses are historic. The street itself is something to see, but once you enter the homes, you will be amazed at how they use these houses to display more history of the city. You could take a half a day or more to see everything in the houses, sit, and watch the people coming and going. It is unique and interesting to see this area.

praha zooThe Prague Zoo is a day trip all by itself. There are over five thousand animals with over six hundred species. The zoo is a favorite place for visitors when they stay in the city. The scenery around the zoo is just beautiful with rolling hills and a river valley. You must see Wenceslas Square. This is where you will spend some time especially if you want to experience some nightlife. The main street of Prague is filled with hotels, casinos, banks, bars and shops. If you can stay close to this area, you will be within walking distance of most of the Prague attractions.
You might not think this is an unusual place to see, but when you consider all the attractions in this little area with so many other buildings so close, it is very unusual. It is not unusual to see people everywhere twenty-four hours a day. The square is always filled with people. If you do manage to spend some time on the square, you should stop at Buffalo Bill's Restaurant or HOT Restaurant. These two eateries are fantastic. You will want to make these two places your destination every day for lunch and dinner.
Some bars are more geared towards customers from around the world. There is Aloha Wave Lounge and Jama Pub. Then there are International bars, Irish bars, wine bars, sports bars, English pubs and music bars. They have French bars, cocktail bars and karaoke bars as well as Czech and Cuban bars. There is a bar for everyone in Prague. The area is filled with bars. Enjoying the nightlife is as easy as walking out of the hotel and you are sure to see one or two right near you.

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